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価格情報: 一人当たり

間隔: 7 hours

出発: Fiji, Fiji

チケットの種類: モバイルチケットまたは印刷したチケットの受付可


















  • INFANT: 年: 0 - 2
  • CHILD: 年: 3 - 15
  • ADULT: 年: 16 - 99


  • 予約時にホテル/リゾート名が提供されず、ツアーに参加できなかった場合、返金はありません。
  • 公共の場ではガイドにマスク着用を義務付け
  • 到着時の旅行者の体温チェック
  • 旅行者とスタッフ用のアルコール手指消毒液を用意
  • 症状があるスタッフのための有給在宅ポリシー
  • 予約時にホテル/リゾート名が提供されず、ツアーに参加できなかった場合、返金はありません。
  • 公共の場ではガイドにマスク着用を義務付け
  • 到着時の旅行者の体温チェック
  • 旅行者とスタッフ用のアルコール手指消毒液を用意
  • 症状があるスタッフのための有給在宅ポリシー



  • For a full refund, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the experience’s start time.
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time, the amount you paid will not be refunded.

What To Expect

Whale's Tale Cruises Fiji

7 hours • Admission Ticket Included


• Admission Ticket Free


Amazing experience.
Diane D, 12-09-2022
Amazing day trip with such wonderful crew on board. Not only catering to your every whim they also entertained us with singing and playing on the way out and back. They are so helpful and supportive to all ages and abilities. Our second time in Fiji and our second time on this trip with The Whales Tail crew. Worth the visit.
If you are feeling thirsty this is the trip!
Lauracrutcher, 11-09-2022
Amazing trip start to finish! Hospitality was fantastic numbers small which we love! Highly recommend the power snorkling with Victor! Couldn’t ask for a better day! If you are feeling thirsty that’s the day trip you book!
Biggest underrated trip in Fiji..
Yessiryousir, 05-09-2022
You know when you read reviews and you think "take it easy man, it can't be that great" Well this was that great!

We were thinking of going on one of the "fancier" Modern trips but were drawn to the experience of an old school pirate style ship so chose this one, from the moment we left dock to we returned the Staff were all so awesome, the nicest, friendliest, helpful people you'd ever meet.

The snorkeling was awesome, my wife and me were just playing around in the shallows as she's not confident in the deep and Victor the dive instructor came to us with a motorized scooter and wanted to take us out to the deep, this experience was so so fricken awesome, seeing the whole bottom of the coral reef and how deep it was, seeing Nemo, Dory and all their buddies, feeding schools of Zebra fish with bread he spent at least half an hour with us and there was no expectation of payment when we got back (of course we tipped him)

Mike, Noke, Paul and the other boys all had such beautiful voices and sung throughout the boat trip, the BBQ lunch and the unlimited beers and drinks was top notch, when i return to Fiji this will be done again... Thank you all at Whales tail.
Have a great day
788trevs, 03-09-2022
Beautiful Schooner, excellent crew, excellent food. The snorkeling was average, but easy. We are both in our 70s but fit. Lots of fish, but few varieties. It appears the corals are re- growing.
On board entertainment was great. We had a great day. The last memory was having a tip box waved under our noses. Not as comfortable as directing people to one beside the gangway.
Fiji excursion w Power Snorkel
LMY4294, 18-09-2022
Overall a fun day. In one of the excursion descriptions it implies that you visit 4 islands. But you only visit one. You can see islands in the distance but to say you see 4 islands is very misleading.

Staff is super friendly. Time on the island was okay. Food was decent. Time to snorkel and eat, but not much else. The boat is really slow so it's most of the day.

We chose to do the power snorkel for an additional charge because it came with a SD card with video and photos. You don't any of it until you're home though. I was VERY disappointed with the video. The guy swam around and took random video of the ocean floor, of him swimming around, a lot of of footage of people's crotches, butts, legs, and it's hard to watch because it's turning over a lot. I would have preferred to have my own camera mounted to the power snorkel to video what I was actually seeing, not what he saw. Plus it would have been much more steady. It was really bad.

I would recommend the experience of the power snorkel but don't do it for the pictures and video, it's definitely not worth it. I wish we didn't do that. Was not worth the extra expense.

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